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Manufacture Jean Rousseau tells its story in a poetic short film

Manufacture Jean Rousseau tells its story in a poetic short film
Since 1954, Manufacture Jean Rousseau has continued to reinvent itself, writing new chapters in its history that blend tradition and innovation, authenticity and creativity. Now the Maison is revealing a closer insight into its creations with a short film directed by communications agency Tête de Com’ that illustrates the brand’s values, expertise and originality. Divided into four chapters, it recounts the excellence of Jean Rousseau through a delicate, poetic lens.

First chapter dedicated to tanning

Like the greatest luxury brands, Manufacture Jean Rousseau enjoys an internalised production chain that encompasses leather crafts, laboratories and workshops, as well as the Maison’s very own tannery. A truly precious asset and a guarantee of peerless quality, the tannery enables the noblest skins – such as lizard, sharkskin and, of course, Louisiana alligator – to be treated in-house.

Thanks to this unique feature, the Manufacture is able to satisfy the demands of the greatest watchmaking brands with which it has fostered intimate ties for over 60 years, and to meet its customers’ every need – even the most extravagant! Using its cutting-edge equipment and expertise, the Manufacture can offer its products in over 600 colours, and can honour orders for custom creations thanks to its bespoke service.

Combining traditional craftsmanship with high technology

Since its foundation, the Manufacture has made a point of combining tradition and modernity to remain in tune with the times. While the company is committed to promoting and perpetuating traditional crafts, it does not simply confine itself to ancient methods. As part of its constant quest for innovation and new production methods, Jean Rousseau is fully committed to reinventing itself in order to remain relevant. Thanks to this expertise and determination, the Manufacture regularly unveils new advances, particularly in the processing of its skins. 

At the latest WatchTime fair in New York and SalonQP in London, the Maison unveiled an alligator skin with a water-resistant treatment, watch straps made from Kevlar, and models stitched with 18-carat gold and platinum thread, as can be seen in the film. 

Craftsmen: the art of mastered gestures

Beyond its facilities and philosophy, it is the Manufacture’s teams who constitute its real pride and joy. With hand-performed craftsmanship and a personal touch at the heart of its approach, the Manufacture features the very best artisans at its workshops and in its factory in Pelousey. These truly passionate individuals are well-versed in traditional craft methods and have become masters in the art of imbuing their creations with a soul. Whether cutting, preparing, dyeing, bevelling, assembling or finishing skins, an incredible symphony of highly precise gestures is what gives rise to the Maison's finest creations.

But contrary to common perceptions of leather craftsmen, the Manufacture's teams are also trained in the latest cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. And they are never short on ideas on how to innovate! 

A French vision of luxury 

Thanks to this wealth of talent, the Manufacture is able to offer a stunning collection of leather goods that demonstrate the true excellence of French luxury. Entirely crafted by hand in France, the watch straps, wallets, belts and handbags created by Jean Rousseau are proof of its renowned expertise and careful attention to even the smallest of details. These exacting standards and painstaking care deliver an extra level of quality and authenticity – characteristics which have earned the company the highly prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label since 2007.