• Jean Rousseau offers you countless ways to customise your Apple Watch
    While 2015 was undeniably the year of the smartwatch – the clever timepiece designed to simplify the lives of its wearers down to the smallest everyday task – it was the release of the hotly anticipated Apple Watch in April that really caused a stir. Proudly sported by many a tech-savvy fashion enthusiast around the world, Manufacture Jean Rousseau is delighted to contribute to this new-generation timepiece by creating the strap of your dreams to accentuate your beloved Apple Watch.
  • The Washington Convention: helping to protect endangered species
    Are you familiar with the exact terms of the Washington Convention? Signed on 3 May 1973 in the eponymous city, this intergovernmental agreement is intended to regulate the international trade of endangered wild flora and fauna species. Deeply committed to issues relating to the environment and animal protection, Manufacture Jean Rousseau makes a point of fully complying with its fundamental principles.
  • Care tips: different methods for different leathers
    Having yearned for it for weeks and waited impatiently for it to emerge, beautifully crafted, from the Manufacture Jean Rousseau workshops, you are now the proud owner of the watch strap of your dreams. While Jean Rousseau guarantees flawless quality, which constitutes a token of longevity for your watch strap, you have a duty to treat it to the very best care and attention. Sweat, pollution, particles of dirt, etc.: your creations can fall prey to all sorts of risks and hazards that can result in discolouring and various types of rings, stains or marks. You can keep these little problems at bay with a few simple maintenance techniques. We've put together a handful of tips to help you treat your favourite watch straps, belts and handbags to the pampering they deserve.
  • The Anaïs bag: a remarkable story
    The Anaïs bag is a flagship piece for Manufacture Jean Rousseau. Its modern yet timeless design is a perfect testament to the quest for excellence, beauty and quality that has characterised the Manufacture from the beginning. Created by designer Anaïs Bordier, the bag also encapsulates an adventure, a moving story that is remarkable for its humanity and dignity.