• Haute couture for precious leathers
    What are the differences between hand-stitching and machine-stitching? What are the different types of stitch used? Whatever type of leather or hide you choose, the stitching used will determine both its appearance and solidity. 
  • Quality: a constant quest
    Determined to offer its customers creations of the highest quality, Manufacture Jean Rousseau has developed a number of tests in order to guarantee the value and longevity of its watch straps and leather goods.
  • Manufacture Jean Rousseau introduces its new 100% leather-free collection
    To ensure it meets the needs of all its customers, Manufacture Jean Rousseau has unveiled a 100% leather-free collection. Discover this range of original, elegant wristwatches that rival their all-leather counterparts when it comes to style.
  • The EPV label, a mark of excellence for the Manufacture Jean Rousseau
    The EPV label – for Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) – conferred by France’s Ministry of the Economy, Finances & Industry for a period of five years, stands out as a genuine guarantee of excellence. Manufacture Jean Rousseau was awarded the label in 2007 in recognition of its technical expertise in craftsmanship as well as of the cultural dimension of the company’s service. In 2012 the Manufacture saw its EPV label renewed for a further five years.
    Let’s take a closer look at this most prestigious of distinctions.