• “Made in France” according to Jean Rousseau
    Firmly committed to authenticity and tradition, Manufacture Jean Rousseau makes it a point of honour to offer its demanding clientele articles designed in strict accordance with the “Made in France” designation. 
  • Why the name 'Manufacture Jean Rousseau'?
    The Managing Director of Manufacture Jean Rousseau looks back on how the company name was chosen when he took over in 1999, recalling the vision that forged his resolve to re-establish its prestige. Fast forward a few years, and he has achieved his ambition! Now all the company’s staff share his aspirations, too.
  • The Manufacture Jean Rousseau just opened a new address on Madison Av, in New-York city.
    The Jean Rousseau factory opened in December a New York point of sale. The teams are already in position and begin to satisfy in particular the demands of custom-made products
  • The passion of colours
    Here we meet a passionate artisan and expert in the art of tanning and working with colour on all types of leather. Jacky Souchet is in charge of the tannery and has become a pillar of Manufacture Jean Rousseau over the years. An intelligent man with a talent for teaching, he now trains new recruits when they arrive at Manufacture Jean Rousseau.