Manufacture Jean Rousseau has been perpetuating a tradition of excellence and serving the best-known watchmaking brands since 1954. The company's expertise in creating luxury watch straps and in using the finest leathers has ensured its position as a preferred partner of the most prestigious watchmakers.

Since the turn of the century, the Manufacture has also been marketing watch straps under the name of founder Jean Rousseau and has added belts and leather goods to its collections.

Manufacture Jean Rousseau allies a profound respect for tradition with innovation in all its activities: new materials, customised colours, original treatment processes and customer service tailored to each individual. It is also committed to building a relationship of trust with each of its customers.

’Don’t be surprised if the owner of the brand answers your questions directly; that happens a lot at the Manufacture Jean Rousseau.’

Manufacture Jean Rousseau encourages excellence at every stage of production, from the treatment of skins to the manufacturing of the end product. Each stage is carried out meticulously, guaranteeing customers exceptional quality and traceability.

A 'made-to-measure' service ensures that the most exacting customers can obtain an article that meets their expectations in every way, right down to the tiniest detail.

'Our artisans can use their skills to reproduce any colour from a simple swatch.'

Manufacture Jean Rousseau was founded in Besançon, the cradle of French watchmaking, and has boutiques in Paris, Tokyo, London and now New York. The company employs 300 people.



Manufacture Jean Rousseau is one of the rare luxury leather goods producers to possess its own tannery, where the selection and preparation of hides is carried out with the utmost care. All types of precious skins are worked there, including lizard, python, ostrich, shark and, in particular, Louisiana alligator. All suppliers are obliged to meet exacting quality standards. The skins are treated and cut with rigorous attention to detail to guarantee beautifully made objects fashioned in a way that respects the natural characteristics of the material. 

Manufacture Jean Rousseau adheres to a stringent ethical policy in its use of skins. 

At an international level, it is committed to safeguarding endangered species by strictly observing the terms set out by CITES (Washington Convention) and the REACH regulations.

In addition, the company applies a rigorous internal ethical code, refusing to use elephant hide and sealskin, for instance, as well as other wild or domestic skins that are sadly often still used by other luxury manufacturers. All the brand’s partners undergo regular audits to ensure their continuous adherence to the Manufacture’s ethical code and values. 


The preparation of raw hides is an essential stage of production at Manufacture Jean Rousseau, whose acknowledged expertise enables it to offer a choice of over 600 colours. Skins are solid dyed, before a pigment-based surface treatment is applied to highlight the beauty of the material. Working on skins involves an alchemy that evolves constantly thanks to the innovations introduced by the Manufacture. This total control of production makes it possible to meet requests for customised items.


‘One day, a client came to me with a cigar and asked me to create an article in the exact same shade. When we delivered it, he was so delighted that he gave it to me. At that moment, I'll admit I felt a real sense of pride.’


 Finishing & Tannery Workshop Manager


Once the leather has been cut, the Manufacture Jean Rousseau artisans painstakingly assemble the pieces in the workshop, calling on their knowledge of traditional techniques and their many years of experience. With minute attention to detail, they perpetuate the company's expertise and channel their passion into producing the most exquisite creations day after day.



The wealth of craftsmanship that underpins Manufacture Jean Rousseau has earned the company an 'Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant' (Living Heritage Company) label, as well as an obligation to develop and pass on the values of its profession to future generations by rigorously selecting and training staff, and taking part in congresses, conferences, trade fairs and professional events attended by the industry's elite.

The Manufacture's quality control system involves numerous laboratory tests on products to check their resistance to rubbing, UV rays, pulling and twisting, as well as their hypoallergenic qualities.



Manufacture Jean Rousseau is proud to satisfy the specific requests of its customers. Its London, Tokyo, Paris and New York workshops offer a 'made-to-measure' service, creating watch straps, small leather goods, purses and bags that reflect the highly personalised, high-quality nature of this service.